Cherry Girls' diary

It is a development diary of "Nade Nade Onna no Ko" series.(^-^)b

I made a blog for each language :)
我为每种语言写了一本日记 (日本語ブログページ) (简体中文日记)

This month's work report.
I fixed a bug in the massage toy.
A massage toy can be installed at the vertex coordinates of a girl's Live2D model.
A paid version of the Chinese version of 6.1 was prepared
I applied for a short-term part-time job at the end of the year and went to the interview
The current work is to move the limbs by dragging the mouse
I spent a lot of time in the very rudimentary part and lamented my lack of ability again.
I go to a short-term part-time job from late December to early January

I am making progress on “NadeNade7” now.
So I haven't turned my hand to Art works.
I'm really sorry that Art works couldn't be released in October.

The source code was too long and production was not progressing.
So I increased the number of functions to shorten the source code.
I'm sorry I can't post a progress video.

I will do my best.

Art work could not be released during September.
I will do my best to release it in October.